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Since you have you teen dad series for luke going on right now, can you do another one about how luke misses or either makes it right on time (up to you) for the birth of his kid because he's on tour & his gfs parents thinks he abandoned her.... If that makes any sense... Idk you have creative freedom lol!
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it makes perfect sense! thanks for requesting :)

“He swore he’d be here.” The gruff voice of her father filled the room. He’d been pacing for the past hour with his phone pressed against his ear. He’d called and called but no one answered from the other line. “If he’s not here in time I’ll wring his neck.”
“Dad.” Zoey mumbled. She was so drugged up on epidural that she could barely focus. Her dad pacing back and forth so much was only making her more stressed. “Stop. He’s probably on his way.” Or at least she hoped, because she was actually freaking out about this and she was pretty sure the only person that could calm her down was Luke. Knowing he was there with her had always helped her.
Just then, her phone beeped and her mother scrambled over to grab it.
“He’s on his way. The show ended later than he thought it would.” She scoffed and handed the phone to Zoey. “This wouldn’t be a problem if he hadn’t been at a show in the first place. Honestly, this rockstar lifestyle is completely impractical and unpredictable.” Zoey just rolled her eyes as she sent a quick text back.

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The place where the show had been was an hour away from the hospital without traffic. Go figure, there was bumper-to-bumper traffic now. Luke sat anxiously in the backseat, checking his phone every five seconds. Zoey’s mom was going to let him know if the baby was coming or not. So far there had been no message.
“Maybe we’ll make it on time.” Michael said, noticing the worried look on Luke’s face.
“Yeah.” Luke mumbled in a hollow voice.
They got to the hospital the same time Zoey’s mom called him. She sounded irritated as she told him Zoey had gone into labor not too long after he’d let them know he was on his way. She hung up after letting him know the baby was born. “It’s a boy.” was the little bit of information she’d give him.
When he got to the room, Zoey’s parents sat outside to give them some time alone.
“My dad’s gonna kill you.” Zoey said as soon as Luke sat down. She laughed at his shocked expression and ruffled up his hair. “It’s okay, I’m kidding. I told him his grandson still needed his dad.”
Luke sighed and leant down to rest his head on the bed. “I’m so sorry. I should’ve been there. There was just so much traffic and—“
“Luke, no one is upset.” Zoey rolled her eyes. She’d been doing that a lot lately. “It’s fine. You’re here now.”
Luke sat up to look at her. “Can I meet him?”
“Why are you even asking?” Zoey gestured towards the hallway. “Go down and take a left, there’s probably a nurse waiting for you anyway. You can hold him and everything. They just took him to get his footprint for the birth certificate.” Zoey reached out to grab his hand before he could leave. “But then you have to come back. Don’t leave me with my parents again.”

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Teen daddy luke where he is home alone & his baby daughter gets a high fever & he has to rush her to the hospital & stay awake in the hospital waiting room throughout the night!
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I listened to the album while I wrote this and I feel so happy despite it not being the happiest of stories out there haha

On his day off, Luke planned to sleep. He’d been working extra shifts for the past week and all he really wanted was a break. Some time to hang around the apartment and do nothing. Of course, there was the obvious reality that it wouldn’t be that easy. He had a daughter to take care of and she couldn’t feed herself. Although she did seem to understand that he needed a break. Ruby wasn’t as fussy as she could be on most days. She hardly ate anything that morning and chose to lie on his chest instead of playing, which was unlike her. But Luke wasn’t complaining. He fell asleep right with her.
When he woke up though, it wasn’t by choice. Ruby had started whining and whimpering, then it turned into a full on cry and soon she was sobbing and fidgeting around. No matter what Luke did, she just wouldn’t calm down. Ruby was constantly moving around as if she couldn’t get comfortable anywhere. She was also a lot warmer than Luke had remembered when he’d fallen asleep.
Like in most situations, he called his mom. When she didn’t answer, he called Ashton.
“I’m in class.” Ashton hissed into the phone, sounding much more irritable than usual.
“Something’s wrong with Ruby.” Luke said, placing said baby onto the couch and pacing around the room. “She won’t stop crying and she just looks really uncomfortable and I think she has a fever but I don’t know what to do.”
“Why do you always call me? I don’t know what to tell you. Call your mom.” Ashton mumbled.
“She’s not answering.” There was a beat of silence and then Ashton muttered, “Of course.”
“Take her to the hospital, I’ll meet you there.” He hung up before Luke could say anything.
Getting Ruby into her car seat took much longer than it should have. Luke kept talking to her all the way to the hospital, more to keep himself calm than to do anything for her. She was still too uneasy.
When they got to the hospital, Ashton already had a nurse waiting for them.
“You’re lucky you have me, Ruby.” He said, holding her in his arms while Luke signed paperwork. “Without me, what would your dad do, huh?”
“Yeah, Uncle of the Year, congratulations.” Luke muttered in halfhearted sarcasm as he passed the clipboard back to the nurse. They were going to take Ruby to get her temperature taken, but had suggested that Luke stay in the waiting room since he looked like he was about to go into panic mode at any second. Michael and Calum stopped by to check on him before going to pick up a late dinner. By the time they got back, they’d moved Ruby into her own room and Luke was curled up in a chair beside her bed.
“It’s a cold.” Ashton explained, standing in the doorway. “But since she’s so young, they just want to keep her here for a few days to make sure it doesn’t turn into something else.”
Michael sighed. “Are we on Luke-duty again?”
Ashton shrugged. “I told him we’d come back in the morning. He’ll probably be okay.” They left some of the pizza there for Luke and left after saying goodnight to Ruby. Luke didn’t move.
The last time they’d been in the hospital had been when Ruby was born. She’d been so small and fragile that Luke had been scared to hold her. The possibility of breaking her had overwhelmed him. It had been a bittersweet day, with the excitement of Ruby being there and the complete and utter despair that his girlfriend would never be there again.
Luke didn’t sleep, opting for watching Ruby sleep restlessly in front of him. The doctor had tried to assure him that catching a cold was common, and that there was a large chance that Ruby would be fine. In the back of his mind was a terrifying thought that he’d be leaving without another family member though.
Luke leant forward, reaching out to touch her hand. Ruby balled her fist around his finger and squeezed tightly. Her forehead scrunched up and she let out a small whimper and then went silent.
“You’re gonna be okay.” Luke whispered, more to reassure himself than her. Although, she did seem to relax at his words. Soon, she looked more at ease in her sleep and stopped whimpering every so often. It was a guarantee that the night would be rough, but Luke felt more optimistic about the next morning.

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you've been my favorite writer on tumblr for awhile and your writing is amazing and i'm drowning in the daddy luke feels but i'm an ashton girl AND I NEED SOME DADDY ASH FEELs :) can you just write like a random cute whatever you want ash blurb? thanks doll
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as a mashton girl, I thank you :) I rewrote this like five times because I just wasn’t satisfied, but I hope you like it! 

Someone (probably his mom) had told him multiple times how hard it would be to raise a kid on his own. But after a bad breakup, he felt like he had no other option. Not that it was a bad option. He loved Kadia with all his heart. It was true that he thought the first month was hard, but Ashton felt like it couldn’t get any more challenging after that.
He was wrong.
At six months, Kadia started teething. It was literally a nightmare. She was up late into the night, screaming her head off for hours. The pain was unbearable for both of them. She was so fussy during the day and by the time her third tooth began to grow, Ashton was too sleep deprived and running on autopilot. Lots of nights were spent pacing around the apartment, cradling her close and holding a toy for her to chew on. He felt like a zombie.
He’d been lying on the couch for about half an hour, watching her watch TV, when he heard the first signs of her about to have another tantrum. Kadia was eight months now with three teeth fully grown in and one poking out just slightly. It had been a whole five days since the last tooth had broken through the gums, but the next one was already on it’s way. Ashton sighed and rolled off the couch, going to the freezer. There were more teething toys than frozen foods at this point, and Ashton lived off of frozen foods.
He gently pressed it against her mouth, holding her tightly in his arms. He was lucky enough to distract her quick enough before she started crying. She chewed on the toy and made little whimpering noises that sounded much more like a hurt puppy than a baby. That didn’t make it any better.
“One day, this will all be over and we won’t have to worry about teeth for a while.” Ashton grumbled, gazing down at her. “I mean, we’ll probably have to deal with cavities and wisdom teeth and all of that, but the teething stage will be over.” He started bouncing her lightly, walking in circles. “You’ll be all grown up.” He looked forward to what the future held for Kadia, but he had to admit he liked her at this age too. All she did was eat, sleep, cry, and poop. She was so low maintenance. “Hopefully I don’t screw you over too bad, right?” It was actually a big fear of his, messing up this kid’s life. Considering his life wasn’t exactly on track, he didn’t want her future to be the same way.
If teething was the worst thing that happened to them, they’d be lucky.


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They invited Luke and Asher out to brunch. They were the type of people that actually called it brunch. They were also the type of people that were awake long before brunch was even an option. Unlike Luke and Asher, who slept through the alarm more times than not.
Luke didn’t like the idea of eating anything with these people, but for the sake of Asher, he went. They sat awkwardly in the high-class café looking very much like they didn’t belong. Luke wore his regular cut-up t-shirt and ripped jeans while Asher was still in his pajamas. (The kid had insisted so persistently that Luke had given up any chance of changing his mind.)
Mr. and Mrs. Walker (aka spawns of Satan himself) entered arm-in-arm looking very posh and very much like they belonged here. Luke stood up to shake their hands, trying to think of what exactly to say to these people. He hadn’t seen them since the funeral. And before that, he’d never met them. They’d abandoned their daughter as soon as they found out who she was dating. They had wanted nothing to do with her, Luke, or their future child. Which was exactly why he was so confused as to why they had invited the two of them out now.
“Hello, darling.” Mrs. Walker said, taking the seat across from Asher. He didn’t look up from his coloring book. Luke had to fight back his smile. She glanced up and looked at Luke. “Is he deaf?”
It was the overwhelming bluntness and lack of any concern about a person’s feelings that had made Luke want to shrink away the first time he’d met them. He could see nothing had changed in the three years since.
“He can hear you. He just doesn’t feel like talking.” Luke snapped, harsher than he’d intended. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Asher’s unsure glance. He sighed and tried to speak calmer. “Is there any specific you invited us?” Luke wasn’t even in the mood to eat, he just wanted to leave.
Mr. Walker (he didn’t even know their first names.) slipped a paper from out of his coat pocket and slid it across the table to sit in front of Luke. “We would like for you to sign this.”
“What is it?” None of the words on the paper made any sense to Luke no matter how many times he read it.
“Papers for you to sign. We need for you to sign them and say that you understand the agreement we’ve made.” He replied in his gruff, impatient voice.
“What agreement?” They haven’t even spoken to each other in three years. What agreement could they have possibly made?
“Inheritance. The guarantee that none of ours will go to your child.” Luke looked at them in disbelief.
“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Where else was it supposed to go? They had only had one child and now that she was gone, they only had a grandson to pass it on to. Luke couldn’t believe they were so willing to cut Asher out of every part of their lives.
“I can promise you that this isn’t a joke.” Mr. Walker squared his shoulders and glared down at Asher. “He’s no grandson of mine, and I don’t want any of my hard-earned money going to whatever he chooses to waste his life doing.”
“He’s not going to waste his life doing anything.” Luke said defensively. No one talked about his kid like that.
Mrs. Walker let out a hyena-like laugh. “Well, when he’s got a father like you—you’re still working at the café, am I right? Haven’t even gone to college yet.” She sighed. “What a shame.”
Luke stared at them for a moment and then stood up slowly. “I’m not signing anything.” he took the paper and ripped it into twos, threes, shredded it to pieces and tossed them onto the table. “Don’t contact us ever again.” He helped Asher out of the chair and the two of them left the couple in icy silence.
“I’m hungry.” Asher said once they’d gotten outside.
“Let’s go somewhere good to eat, alright?” Luke smiled down at him. They could say whatever they wanted, Luke and Asher were going to be fine. They didn’t need those people.

I’d like to try and do blurbs to see if I’m any good at them but I don’t know if you guys would be interested…?