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imlastamericangirl asked: I guess it didn't go through. Lol. It was that Rigby goes and stays at Cassie's and sees the way her mom acts and treats her and goes home feeling so relived that she has a dad like Michael. 😊

oh ok, here it is!

The only reason Rigby stayed the whole night is because she knew she couldn’t leave Cassie at a time like this. She sat on the couch curled up in a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate, watching Cassie pace back and forth. She’d just got done a screaming match with her mom, ending with a lamp getting thrown across the room and her mom walking out on them.
“Sorry.” Cassie mumbled, taking a seat beside Rigby. She leaned against Cassie, shaking her head. There was no reason Cassie should be apologizing. She hadn’t come storming into the apartment, yelling nonsense. If Rigby hadn’t already known Cassie’s mom she would have thought she was on some type of murderous rampage. She’d complained about Cassie not going to school again, saying that the whole faculty looked badly at her and how it was all Cassie’s fault. For the record, Cassie had stayed calm and level-headed up until her mom got hysteric. And then she lost her patience and the screaming had started.
Rigby reached out to pat Cassie’s head. “It’s fine, no harm done here.”
Cassie snorted. “She’s got a terrible aim, that’s why.”
“Which isn’t exactly a bad thing.”
The next morning, she came home, dragging her feet from exhaustion. They’d stayed up for most of the night, Rigby listening as Cassie talked about the fights she’d had with her mom recently. All she wanted to do was sleep.
But first, hug Michael.
She wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her cheek on his back.
“Hey, you’re home.” Michael said, turning around to give her a squeeze of his own. “Had fun?”
“It was interesting.” Rigby shrugged, still holding on to Michael.
“What’s with the clinginess?” Michael smiled at her. “I mean, I’m not complaining, but I think I’d like to know if you need something before I fully enjoy this hug.”
Rigby shook her head. “I’m just lucky to have you, that’s all.” She sighed. “Not all parents are as cool as you.”
“Well yeah, I’m one of a kind.” He kissed the top of her head. “But I’m lucky to have you too, thanks Rig.”

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imlastamericangirl asked: Did my Rigby one go through from earlier today? 😊 Just wanting to make sure.

I’ve got this one as the last Rigby one requested, is that the one you meant?

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imlastamericangirl asked: You could do one where Ruby begs Luke at 3:00 in the morning to take Hermes to the vet because he's been panting heavily and it's obviously freaking her out. 🐱🚑

“Dad!” Luke scrambled to keep himself from falling off the couch, falling off the couch in the process. He groaned, sitting up to look at Ruby. She was cradling that cat in her arms, looking very concerned for the thing. “We have to go to the vet.”
Luke checked the time on his phone. “Bug, it’s three in the morning.”
Ruby clung tighter to Hermes, causing him to meow in protest. “Yeah, but something’s wrong. He’s panting. And his leg is bent at an odd angle.”
Luke’s heart sank. He may not entirely like the cat, but any animal in pain needed to be taken care of. He sighed, getting to his feet. “Get the keys, let me get something to wear.” Ruby nodded, charging towards the front door and waiting as Luke pulled a t-shirt over his head and grabbed some shoes. Ruby searched up for the nearest vet office, realized they were closed and promptly freaked out. Luke had to take some time to get her to calm down before figuring out where the closest emergency office was at.
They drove down to the emergency vet office, waiting in the sitting room for a few minutes before taking Hermes to get x-rays.
It turned out he had a broken back leg, probably from his adventures outside. Ruby cradled him close to her chest, looking overwhelmed as the vet explained the procedure they would have to do to help the healing process.
They had to leave him there for surgery, but it was recommended to come back in the morning and get some rest. Ruby didn’t want to leave, but Luke encouraged her to go get in the car while he finished up the paperwork.
He glanced over to Hermes in his carrier and sighed. “Poor cat. Broken bones suck.” He heard a little meow come from Hermes and sort of smiled. Sort of. “You’ll be fine. I’m more worried about Ruby at this point.”

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how many followers do I have to have before I get sent random cuddly 5sos blurbs

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Anonymous asked: Ruby & luke request: luke takes ruby fishing & has to bait her hook & teach her how to be a country girl (even though luke is not country whatsoever... Idk maybe sort was lol)

I just wrote one very similar here if that’s okay!

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Anonymous asked: Request: luke takes ruby to his family's houseboat that's been in the family for YEARS & he rides her around on the her ski, takes her swimming at the sand bar, fishes of the porch with her, then cooks what he catches for her & it's just like good family bonding time away from the real world(bc we have no cell phone service there).

Luke took off a whole week for work, packing days in advance for their trip. He picked Ruby up after school and the two of them drove the three hours down to the old boat house. It had been a long week for the both of them and it was time for a well needed break from it all. Luke didn’t usually condone avoiding responsibilities, but he didn’t mind a little break every now and then.
After unpacking their things and settling down, they decided to spend some time out on the water.
“What bathing suit do you want?” Luke asked, digging through her suitcase. He’d packed a few different kinds for her to pick from.
Ruby pointed to her ladybug designed two-piece. “That one!”
Luke nodded, holding it up for her to climb in to. “Alright, then let’s get some sunscreen and you’re good to go.” He helped her rub in the sunscreen on her legs and arms, making little lines on her face. She looked like some tribal girl or something and it made them both laugh. Ruby rubbed in the sunscreen, following Luke out to the docks.
The year before, Ruby had started water-skiing so her eagerness to start that again was back. Despite the time in between, she hadn’t forgotten how to do it. So while Luke drove the boat at a slower pace than he would have with anyone else, Ruby rode behind him, having the time of her life.
Once they were done with the boat and had tied it back to the dock, they continued to swim closer to the shore, watching the fish swim past them in every direction. Ruby loved the water and it took a lot of convincing to get her out of it.
“Do you want to fish for something to eat?” Luke asked, turning to look at Ruby as they walked down the dock towards the house. Ruby nodded eagerly, so Luke went to grab the fishing poles from the garage.
He showed her how to hook the bait and how to fling the rod with just the right amount of strength. They sat there, watching the sun set as they waited for any fish to bite.
“Did you have a good day at school today?” Luke asked, kicking his feet out while they sat on the edge of the dock.
Ruby nodded. “We just had some tests today, but they were easy since I studied.”
“That’s good.” They fell into a comfortable silence, watching their fishing lines sit still in the water.
“I think I caught something!” Ruby said eagerly, bouncing up in down as Luke started pulling the line back. He lifted it up to show a good sized fish hanging onto the hook.
He grinned. “Wow, good job, Bug!” He cut the fish free from the hook, placing it into the cooler they had brought with them. They sat out a little bit longer, catching two more fish before taking them inside to clean, cut, and cook.
Luke set the fish on the table in front of Ruby, looking down at them, trying to decide which one to start with.
“These fish are my friends.” Ruby announced, looking at them proudly.
Luke hesitated, looking up at her. “We were gonna eat these fish.”
Ruby frowned. “But…they’re my friends. I can’t eat my friends.”
Luke was at a loss. “Ruby, they’re dinner though.”
She seemed to think it over for a while, staring at the knife in Luke’s hand then down at the fish. “Okay, go ahead.” She turned back to her coloring book with a nod of her head.
Luke stared at her in confusion for a moment. “You change your mind more than the average person, and I can’t keep up all the time.” He shrugged. “But alright.”

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Anonymous asked: Can you do one where kadia says she's afraid of monsters in her own room but she really just wants to cuddle with ashton? (:

Ashton felt the other side of the bed dip and sink under the weight of it’s new occupant. He didn’t even have to open his eyes to see who it was. He just reached up gave Kadia’s head a little stroke, feeling her instantly relax under his touch.
“What’s wrong, sunshine?” Ashton mumbled, opening one eye to see her expression. She looked troubled, with her lip out in a pout and her eyes big and wide.
“There’s a monster under my bed. I heard it growl.” Kadia nuzzled into Ashton, clinging onto to his t-shirt. “Can I sleep here?”
Ashton kissed the top of her head, burying back into his pillow. “What did the monster look like?” He’d learned that the best way to get Kadia to get over something that scared her was to have her talk about it. The more she talked, the more she convinced herself that there was nothing to be afraid of. Ashton just had to listen and ask the right questions.
“I don’t know, I couldn’t see it. The closet was really dark.” Ashton opened his eyes again to look at her.
“You said the monster was under your bed.”
Kadia paused, realizing that he was right. “There were two?”
Ashton smirked, cuddling close to her and closing his eyes once more. “If you just wanted to cuddle, that’s all you had to say, Kadia.”
Kadia stayed quiet for a while, listening to Ashton’s calming breaths. She pressed her forehead against his throat and closed her eyes. “I just want to cuddle.” She whispered, causing Ashton to smile in his half-asleep state.
“And that’s okay with me.”

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imlastamericangirl asked: Will you be writing tonight? 😊📚

Once I get home, yes 😊

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Michael Clifford + Galaxy Hair

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imlastamericangirl asked: Even though Luke despises Hermes, if he got hurt he'd probably do everything he could to ensure that he's okay because Ruby would be crushed. And nobody wants that. No matter how evil the cat is. 😂

He grows a soft spot for the cat. Even letting him sleep on the couch whenever he was sure Ruby wasn’t looking. They have a love/hate relationship ❤️💔

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imlastamericangirl asked: As if Penguin shredding wasn't enough. 😂 No, Hermes had to kick it up a notch.

Poor Luke 😂 and Ruby is still oblivious of her diabolical cat 😼

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imlastamericangirl asked: Hermes deciding that Luke's guitar case makes the perfect litter box. 😂😂😂

At times like that, Luke wonders why the cat was still here 😏

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