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Anonymous sent: Could you do one with Asher taking his first steps? Unless because you've already done it and I know you don't like repeating stories so just anything with Asher and Luke when he's a baby? Thank you xx

When Luke first started working at the café, Asher was only three months old. And at three months old, he was extremely dependent on Luke. As in, cried whenever he couldn’t at least hear Luke’s voice. He refused to let Luke get very far without wailing his lungs out. If Luke wasn’t such a naturally worried parent, he would’ve just let Asher deal with it for a few minutes. But Luke couldn’t put Asher through that. It was traumatizing for the both of them.
Luke started out as a host, showing people to their seats and all of that. Since a babysitter was out of the question at that age, Luke carried Asher around with him. It caused quite a scene with customers, seeing Luke hold Asher in one arm and menus in the other. He’d gotten good at multitasking. He could even bus tables while rocking Asher to sleep sometimes.
He was a good conversation starter though. Lots of people gushed over how adorable he was, complimented Luke on raising such a well-behaved little boy. Not that he could cause much trouble at three months.
Luke actually got a lot more tips too. Maybe it was because he would subtly hint that they were living on just his paychecks at every chance he got. Either way, he could afford the name brand diapers every once in a while thanks to Asher’s little dimples.
It was close to closing time one night, when Asher fell asleep in Luke’s arms. Business had been slow over the past hour, so Luke hadn’t had much to do. He was called to help put some chairs up, so he handed the sleeping baby to the other host, Kat. She was the only co-worker that Asher allowed to be held by without putting up a fuss. Luke trusted her.
“You might just have to fight me to get him back.” She said, leaving a little kiss on his forehead when Luke came back over.
He smirked. “I’d win. Trust me.”

random Asher oneshot because there is just not enough of this kid

Asher was a really cute kid, everyone knew that. Including Asher.
Luke had bought him cowboy boots for Christmas. It was his favorite present and the first thing he put on every morning after.
One morning, they were going to the mall, and it too Luke longer than usual to get Asher ready.
The kid refused to take the boots off. And he needed a bath.
“You can put them back on as soon as you’re out of the bath.” Luke said, kneeling in front of him. “If they get wet, they’ll be ruined. Then you’ll never get wear them again. Ever.” Luke watched his expression change to thoughtful. “Ever.”
Asher nodded, sticking out his left foot. “Okay.” He let Luke pull them off for him, cooperating during his bath better than usual. He kept the splashing to a minimum and his amount of time was much shorter than usual.
“Okay, Fish, let’s go.” Luke said, holding out a towel for him. Asher let Luke lift him up and help him dry off. Since it was colder outside, Luke blow dried his hair to cut back on catching a cold or something.
Once they were at the mall, they stopped by the puppy store. Luke had made it clear since Asher was little that if they were ever going to get a dog, it would be from a shelter. But that didn’t stop them from watching the puppies play.
When they were done with that, they went to the usual stores, getting clothes for Asher’s first year in school. Asher picked everything he liked and Luke picked out what he was going to actually buy, as was their unspoken agreement.
Asher, who was becoming quite a ladies’ man, spotted a group of teenagers on their way to the food court for lunch. Doing what he did best, he put on his cutest expression and stepped right in their path, sticking out a foot. He looked at them expectantly, awaiting their compliments on his boots. Luke just laughed and shook his head. Asher had been doing that since he’d gotten the boots. Soon, everyone in the city was going to be complimenting the boots.
The girls gushed over how cute he was, saying the usual nice things about his boots. Asher grinned, thanking them as he skipped back to his dad.
“They liked my boots.” He said proudly.
Luke laughed, taking his hand and steering him towards the food court. “Everyone does.”

imlastamericangirl sent: Heeey girl! Could you do one where Rigby gets in "big girl trouble." Like, maybe up until that point Michael had been pretty lenient with her and she finally does something that just makes him snap?

got a little carried away :D

Kellen had always been one of those friends that was allowed over at any time of night. As long as Michael was there. Not that that really made much of a difference. Michael trusted Kellen for the most part. He was usually really responsible. Then he got a car and had much more freedom.
He showed up around midnight at their front door. Michael was at work and Rigby was home alone. Kellen offered to take her down to the old amusement park downtown.
“It’s closed.” Rigby said, already grabbing a jacket and her keys.
“Closed for people that don’t know how to pick a lock.” Kellen gave her a knowing look. “Come on, Cassie’s apprentice, let’s go be reckless for the night.”
Rigby rolled her eyes. It was true, Cassie had taught her a few trips before she’d left for the summer. Kellen had been taking advantage of her new talents for the past few weeks already. Tonight was no different.
Getting into the amusement park was too easy, especially with her handy work. It was figuring out the power switches that cause problems. They were able to get the carousel working in a good amount of time though. They climbed on, taking seats on two horses next to each other.
“So that email you sent last week…” Kellen checked her expression, noticing she wasn’t putting her guard up just yet. “Any response yet?”
Rigby sighed, leaning back and gazing up at the roof of the carousel. There were mirrors up there, so she got a good reflection of the two of them. “Yeah, this morning. She wrote back herself. Not one of her managers this time.”
“What did she say?”
Rigby smiled, thinking back to that morning. She’d read the email multiple times before it really sank in. “She wants to meet me.”
Kellen sat up, raising his eyebrows. “I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect that.”
“Yeah me neither.”
The sirens came, interrupting their comfortable silence. There was no point in trying to hide or run, so they sat there and waited for the cops. They wouldn’t be getting off with just a warning for trespassing. Again.
Rigby stood against the railing in the jail cell, watching people pass by. Kellen had already gotten bailed out by his parents, but Michael was still on the way. He’d sounded way past mad when Rigby had called him. But he’d promised that he’d get her as soon as his shift was over, so Rigby wasn’t too worried.
Although she should have been. When she slid into the passenger seat, the first thing Michael said was, “Are you ever going to learn better?”
She scoffed. “Am I supposed to be learning something? Please. Enlighten me.”
Michael gripped tightly to the steering wheel as he drove. “Oh, I dunno. Stop putting yourself in situations that you could get arrested in? Or just stop getting in trouble in general? Maybe your friends are a bad influence on you. Maybe you just need to find new friends.”
“Yeah, I’ll just put an ad in the newspaper tomorrow.” Rigby snapped. “That’ll make everything better.”
Michael shook his head. “Enough with the attitude, Rig—“
“Don’t call me that. You don’t get to call me nicknames when you’re trying to tell me how to live my life.”
Michael didn’t even remember pulling over, but there he was. Staring straight ahead, trying to find some sort of calm in this situation. Rigby hated it when he got quiet. She wanted to yell and argue, but when Michael shut down there was just no chance anymore. She stared ahead like him.
“I found my mom.” She hadn’t planned on telling him that way. But she wanted to egg him on and get him to say something. “She lives in France. She said I could move in with her if I wanted to. She’d pay for everything.”
She was so good at finding just the right buttons to press. “Right, and you’re thinking about it because she’s been such a great mother to you for the past seventeen years. Always there for you and everything.”
“At least she didn’t screw me over.” Rigby muttered, crossing her arms.
“Get out.” Michael snapped, unlocking the car doors. “You know your way home.” Rigby sat there in shock. It took her a second to realize he was serious.
“No.” she said quietly.
“Fine, then you drive home.” Michael climbed out of the driver’s seat, tossing the keys into Rigby’s lap. She already had her license so he wasn’t concerned about her doing anything illegal. He shoved his hands in his pockets and stormed down the road, too wrapped up in his thoughts to look back.
Rigby watched him walk away, suddenly feeling very guilty. All she wanted to do was take back everything she’d said. But the damage had been done. She slipped into the driver’s seat and debated over driving up beside Michael and offering for him to get in. He wouldn’t, she knew that. All she could do was wait for him at home.

imlastamericangirl sent: OMG you could do one where Rigby calls Michael a "dick" because he wouldn't take her to Cassie's on a school night. (Something else she picked up from good ol' Cassie. )And Michael is so mad that he's to the point where he's harshly whispering in her ear. Making Rigby wish she had just kept her mouth shut. Lol (We've all been there and it's slightly terrifying. Lol. 👄👂)

Maybe if Rigby hadn’t snuck out with Cassie and Kellen to see that movie, she wouldn’t be getting yelled out. Again. For the third time this week.
But maybe if Michael gave her some freedom, she wouldn’t have to sneak around so much. So who was really at fault here?
She’d stopped listening to Michael about halfway through his rant. She knew what he was talking about. How disobedient she was, how she needed to start listening to him, what happened to his little girl, why couldn’t she just listen to him for once, why didn’t he realize he was just trying to protect her?
What was wrong with her?
The question had slipped out before Michael could even scramble to stop them. He was just so absolutely done with being taken advantage of that he just couldn’t control himself anymore.
Rigby’s eyes flashed with anger. She glared at Michael, the complete opposite of the blank expression she’d been wearing just moments ago. She took a deep breath and hissed out one single word. She’d never called Michael anything close to that before, but there she was. Saying things that she only heard on TV. Michael stared at her in shock for a moment.
His expression changed too. It wasn’t the angry glare Rigby was giving him. He was calculated, the calm before a storm. He stepped closer to Rigby, silently daring her to do something. She took a step back nervously. She’d never worry about Michael physically hurting her, but if anyone was good at using words as a weapon, it was Michael.
“That’s bold.” He looked her directly in the eyes, making her shrink up on the inside. “Is there anything else you’d like to say? I’m listening.”
She tried to still look defiant. “And I hate you.”
“Good.” Michael snapped. “Then I’m done talking.” He turned and walked towards his room.
The silence that followed was far worse to Rigby than Michael yelling at her. It was almost like she could hear more of what he was saying when he didn’t say anything at all.
She’d regret it all in the morning. That was Michael’s point.

Anonymous sent: hi could you possibly write about ruby taking her first steps?:)

Luke walked Ruby around Ashton’s apartment, holding her hands as her feet sporadically went in different directions. She hadn’t gotten the hand of putting one foot in front of the other just yet, but every once in a while, she’d be able to walk a little bit normally.
Ruby clung onto Luke’s fingers like they were a lifeline. She had let go once and fallen on her butt so now she held on pretty tightly.
She giggled and squealed as Luke took her around on the wood floor. Her socked feet kept slipping so he was dragging her more than guiding her, but she was having fun anyway.
“Have you tried letting go while she’s walking?” Ashton asked, from his seat at the kitchen table. Luke glanced up.
“No.” he said thoughtfully, peeking down at Ruby. They’d made their way to the carpeted living room, so she’d stopped slipping around.
“Do you want to try it?” Ashton got up, going to kneel a little distance in front of Ruby. He stretched out his hands towards her. “I’ll catch her.”
Luke hesitated for a moment then nodded. “Okay, on three.” He counted slowly, watching Ruby’s feet step towards Ashton. The rest of her body balanced itself out as Luke slipped his fingers out of her grip. She reached out keep her balance and grab for Ashton at the same time.
Three steps didn’t seem like a big deal, but the apartment was in an uproar. Ashton scooped her up and spun her around, cheering with Luke as she giggled at them both.
“One step closer to independence.” Ashton said, letting Luke take her back.

imlastamericangirl sent: Okay, so. I was thinking maybe you could do one where Michael is sick and probably a little irritable which would mean that Rigby's normal run in the mill pranks, jokes ect. would be a little much for him to handle so he ends up snapping at her and hurting her feelings? 😷😢💊

If Michael died from this headache, he wouldn’t be surprised. He didn’t get headaches usually, luckily, but when he dead they were killer. He lay face down on the couch, trying to block out light, sound, and smell. Everything seem to trigger a sharp pain pulsing through his head to increase.
Like Rigby slamming the front door and yelling, “Dad!”
Michael groaned in response.
Rigby walked into the living room, staring at his limp body in confusion. “What’s wrong with you?”
“Headache.” came his muffled response. Rigby scoffed.
“Oh come on, it can’t be that bad.” She turned the TV on, taking a seat by his feet. The couch jostled just slightly and another sharp pang went through Michael’s skull. “Do you wanna watch a movie?”
“What?” Rigby exclaimed, moving to kneel in front of Michael. She placed a hand on his forehead. “Are you sick or something?”
“I have a headache.” He said in a flat tone.
Rigby exhaled sharply. “Does that mean you don’t want to hang out with me?” She threw her arms up in the air. “I was waiting to watch this movie, if I had known you didn’t want to watch it, I would’ve gone over to Cassie’s.” She stood up and paced in front of Michael, continuing to rant about what a good daughter she’d been trying to be. “I mean, it’s your loss—“
“Rigby, I don’t want to watch a movie and I don’t want to listen to you talk. Go over to Cassie’s or something. Just leave me alone right now.” Michael snapped, wincing instantly at the pain it caused. He buried his face back into the pillow. “I just want quiet.”
Rigby stared at him for a moment before turning the TV off and muttering, “Fine.” She leaned down to kiss the top of his head. “Feel better.” She left as quietly as possible.
He couldn’t sleep now, not with the guilt consuming him. He sat there for a moment and then groaned and pulled out his phone, dialing Rigby’s number.
She answered on the second ring. “Do you need me to get anything?”
A wave of guilt almost drowned him. “No, I just wanted to say I’m sorry for snapping at you. You didn’t deserve that. I should’ve been nicer.”
“It’s okay.” Rigby said quietly. “I understand.”
“Do you want to come and watch the movie over here?”
“We can wait until your head feels better.”
Michael sighed. “Thanks, Rig.”
“Feel better.”

Anonymous sent: Can you do one where Ash takes Kadia to disneyland for her 5th birthday to see her favourite characters Peter Pan and Wendy?

omg I love Peter Pan

Kadia had met Alex Gaskarth, Pete Wentz, Harry Styles, and even The Rock once, but none of those people compared to Peter Pan. As a big enthusiast for Neverland and it’s inhabitants, the five year old could barely contain herself as Ashton guided her through Disneyland. Even the humid Florida weather couldn’t dampen her mood even if it dampened everyone’s bodies.
She bounced around, searching with eagerness for the green clad character and his companion, Wendy Darling.
She’d come dressed as a Lost Girl, looking very much like a little bear. Everyone had complimented her costume and all of her uncles had taken photos with her to post on Twitter. A herd of fans followed close behind, gushing over how cute she looked, but none of that mattered to Kadia. She was here for Peter Pan and Wendy, and that was it.
“I can’t see anything.” She grumbled, tugging on Ashton’s hand. He lifted her up and placed her on his shoulders. “I can’t see over Uncle Luke!” Which wasn’t true, but she got passed to him either way to sit on his shoulders. She squealed, wrapping her arms around to rest on his forehead and hugging him tightly from excitement. Just in the distance, she noticed the exact person she wanted to see.
She screamed, “Peter Pan!” and he turned to look at her.
He grinned, waving and skipping over to greet her. “There you are! I’ve been looking for my Lost Girl! What are you doing all the way up there?”
Kadia giggled. “Hi!” Luke set her down, and she scrambled to hug Peter Pan tightly.
“What’s your name, Lost Girl?” Peter knelt down to look her in the eyes, just as Wendy walked over. Kadia looked like she was about to burst.
“Kadia.” She replied shyly.
Peter reached his hand out towards her. “Wanna go find hidden treasure with me?”
“Can my Daddy and Uncles come too?” She responded, taking Peter’s hand without hesitation.
“Of course! But they can’t have any treasure!”

imlastamericangirl sent: It's funny someone mentioned teeth because I was going to request something about Rigby losing a tooth. But like, got it knocked out in some sort of way since she seems like someone that wouldn't take her time going somewhere and runs into something. (This is coming from a girl that ran into a sliding glass door at full speed...😂)

I lost a tooth when my friend threw a ball and it hit me in the face.

I also ran into a wall because I thought it was a door. trust me, you’re not alone 

Rigby was six when she lost her first tooth. Rigby was six when Ashton took her to visit his family. Michael was working a double shift and she was going to be spending the night at the Irwins. Considering she’d been living in an apartment all of her life, she was amazed at every part of the house. In her opinion, it was more like a castle than anything. Ashton’s siblings had taken her into the backyard to play with the toys out there and it kept her busy for hours. 

They ran back and forth, stopping in the kitchen to get snacks every once in a while. Rigby trailed after the two older kids, watching them in amazement. Everything they did was cool to her.
What wasn’t cool was when Ashton’s mom closed the sliding glass door without telling anyway.
Rigby had run towards in, planning to get some juice, when she smacked right into it, falling on her butt with an ‘oomf!’
Ashton jumped up, opening the back door and kneeling down in front of her. “Are you okay?” He scooped her up, watching her dazed expression turn to shock.
“My tooth!” She yelled, looking around in a flurry. “It’s right there!” She pointed to the pearly white tooth right next to Ashton’s foot.
He hesitated, not exactly wanting to pick it up. But that was clearly what Rigby wanted him to do, so he bent down and held it in between two of his fingers.
“Did that fall out when you hit the door?” He asked, staring at it with mild disgust. Rigby nodded, staring at it in wonderment.
“There’s some blood on it.” She mumbled. Ashton almost dropped it. “We should tell Daddy!”
“Yeah.” Ashton said in a strained voice. “Let’s go call him.”
Michael laughed when he heard about it, after checking to make sure Rigby was alright. He could just imagine her running into the sliding glass door and it was hilarious (with the knowledge that she wasn’t hurt, albeit one tooth less now.)
“I touched her bloody tooth, you owe me.” Was all Ashton said before hanging up.

That’s where I got i from 😂 that movie makes me laugh every time I watch it
(Side note: I figured out how to respond finally 😂😂😂 I’m not good with technology)

That’s where I got i from 😂 that movie makes me laugh every time I watch it
(Side note: I figured out how to respond finally 😂😂😂 I’m not good with technology)


So I decided to do something that could be considered helpful since I’m too brain dead to do anything else. Underneath the cut there are, give or take, #368 gifs that can be used for moodboards. Most of them have text, although there are some that are textless. Like/reblog if this helped in anyway.


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Anonymous sent: Could you do a Rigby one where she's teething?

okay, I’m gonna go ahead and say that I won’t be doing repeats for any of the kids anymore. they stories get really repetitive. so if I wrote something for one kid, please don’t ask for the same story with a different kid for now on :)

“Ow!” Michael yanked his hand back, looking at Rigby in surprise. He’d been minding his own business, watching something on TV when she’d bit him. She didn’t have any teeth and yet somehow she’d been able to pinch him or something with her gums. Which was seriously weird.
Rigby wailed, trying to find any sort of comfort for her aching gums. She’d been chewing on a stuffed animal for a while, but it had fallen out of her grip and tumbled to the ground. Since she was sitting on the couch, she couldn’t grab it again and Michael wasn’t paying any attention.
Michael sighed, scooping her up and carrying her into the kitchen. There were a few teething rings in the freezer that she really liked which helped numb her gums. But now was not one of those times where she liked them. She fidgeted in his arms, twisting away from the toy.
“Are you hungry?” Michael mumbled, sitting her down in the high chair and digging around in the fridge for a while. He found some applesauce towards the back of the fridge and placed it in front of her with a spoon. She’d just started to feed herself, so Michael just had to sit back and wait until she was done. And then clean her up because the majority of the food got everywhere other than her mouth.
Once she was done and cleaned up, Michael tried again with the toy. She took it happily, gnawing at the thing with ferocity. He just laughed, setting her back down on the couch. “You’re something else, Rig, seriously.” She giggled in response, glancing up at him with content.
Michael couldn’t wait for this teething stage to be over though. For the most part, Rigby was still the same calm baby, but when the pain became too much, it was unbearable to watch. They’d had countless sleepless nights over the past few weeks and there wasn’t even any evidence of a tooth yet. He was ready for this all to be over.

Anonymous sent: Could you do one where Michael has to go to college but doesn't know what to do because he has little Rigby? x

Maybe the RA wouldn’t notice a one year old living just across the hall with two college guys. Maybe he could just sneak her in and hope for the best. What’s the worst that could happen?
He could get kicked out.
But would they really do that with the knowledge that Michael had a one year old daughter to take care of?
He’d risk it.
His roommate turned out to be some kid that was basically never home. First week of classes and Michael had seen him maybe twice. He was nice to Rigby, even watching movies with her on his laptop the few times he’d been there. He didn’t say anything about her being there, which Michael appreciated. He didn’t know if it was exactly allowed or not, but he didn’t want to put her on the spotlight for any professors and deans to find out about.
Their RA turned out to be some girl that adored kids, so she was constantly checking in to make sure Rigby had everything she needed.
A month into classes, Rigby was a little celebrity in their hall. No one spoke of her outside of the building, but she was pretty spoiled either way.
Michael should have known people couldn’t keep their mouths shut for long though. Soon, there was the dean, a professor, and campus security all knocking on the door. Michael couldn’t exactly hide Rigby (even with the pile of dirty laundry beckoning towards him) since she was a little human that made little human noises.
At first it was a lot of lectures about not informing the college about Rigby, but then came the compromises. Of course, they couldn’t just kick Michael off campus for this. He didn’t exactly have anywhere to go considering his family lived hours away.
In the end, he got his own room in a different hall that was originally for the upperclassman.
“Well, that worked out pretty well, huh?” Michael mumbled, setting Rigby down on the floor. She giggled, looking around with excitement. “I should’ve said something earlier.”

imlastamericangirl sent: Poor Michael. Poor guy didn't even see that phone call coming. 😂 So, hand to God, this is the last I will be requesting on the subject, but I was thinking about my awkward self and was inspired. Lol. Maybe you could do one where Michael actually does try to explain it? And Rigby is just you know, embarrassed by all of it. (From like ages 10-11 periods were all my mom wanted to talk about and I HATED it.) Once again, it's okay if you don't want to. 😂 (Btw, your friends video cracked me up.)

lol she’s got a few more videos here! she’s naturally funny :) 

Michael had googled it, but had only gotten through half of one article before he decided to just wing it. The conversation was going to be awkward, might as well throw in a clueless dad. He sat Rigby down in the living room, trying to stay as serious as possible. She looked concerned for his well-being.
“Rig, you’re growing up now. Your body is gonna go through some changes.” Michael could see the guard already going up around her. He quickly added, “We need to talk about some things.”
“Oh no.” Rigby muttered.
Michael took a deep breath. “Every month, you’re gonna start to feel different. You’re probably gonna feel a lot like crap. That’s called a period.”
Rigby’s hands went to her face in horror. “Oh no.” She’d heard about this conversation. Lots of her friends had had to have it with their moms. She’d been dreading this day.
Michael thought back to everything he had written down and attempted to memorize. “A period just means you’re gonna bleed…a lot…from the inside.”
Rigby looked mortified. “That sounds like death. I’m gonna die, aren’t I?”
“Nah, you’re just gonna feel like it.” Michael shrugged. He went on, “It’s because every month you’re gonna…” He couldn’t remember what the article called it. It had something to do with an egg. He remembered that part. “Lay an egg.”
Rigby’s mouth fell open in disbelief as she stared at Michael. He nodded, continuing on. “This is gonna happen every month.” He paused, thinking. “Like a werewolf! Except it’s not on full moons specifically. That would just be coincidence.” He let out a sigh of satisfaction and looked at her expectantly. “Any questions?”
Rigby was at a loss for words. She sat there, letting it sink in before slowly saying, “I’m gonna become a werewolf that lays eggs?”
Michael opened his mouth and then closed it again. “That’s not what I meant. This sounded a lot more put together in my head.”
“A werewolf that lays eggs made sense in your head?”

Anonymous sent: Do you have a masterlist of all of your daddy!5sos stuff?

I have a series tag where you can find all of the stuff, but it’s totally not organized and I’m sorry for that

one day hopefully soon, I’ll go through and separate them and actually organize it